Sunday, 25 September 2011

Little update

So things are busy busy busy for Ferndale crafts. I have another stall at a charity day, raising funds for Havens Hospices at the end of October and a jewellery party in December. This on top of getting ready to start a new job and re-adjusting the kids routines around the additional time I will spend travelling on the M25 (will probably have a box of beads in the glove box for when I get stuck in a jam!)

But the worst of it all is trying to set up the Ferndale Crafts website! The box says no programming or technical skills required - they obviously haven't encountered me and my 'technical skills'! God it's hard work. Hoping to have it up and running this side of Christmas though with a bit of luck!

On a positive note, I have made some beautiful new bracelets and necklaces which have received some really lovely feedback from my friends and followers, and my childrens collection is growing nicely with christmas in mind. I am really enjoying my hobby and just wish there was more time in the day to spend working on creating new and sparkly things!

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